Time…Not Enough Of It

I so want to write in a journal/diary everyday but it has not happened at all this month of June.  Time seems to escape me.  I have been very busy and I have a set schedule now for wake up and going to bed even though this morning i had awakened an hour and a half before my alarm went off and I have been up since a little before 6 AM and had only five hours of sleep.  Time…there is not enough of it to get everything I want to do done.

Doozy Of A Storm

Oh my goodness…I did not see this one coming tonight.  We are having a doozy of a storm tonight.  I had to get all the strength I could muster with using my walker to get to my living room and bedroom windows to close them because the rain was coming down hard and the wind was very strong.  I noticed that rain was coming in my living room a little bit but not too much but when I saw that wind, I thought I was seeing a tornado wind.  With the loudness of the rain and the wind, I believe I heard the tornado siren in the distance somewhere but the wind and rain was coming down hard and blowing fast.  Maybe I did not hear the tornado siren.  The alarm for cover in our building didn’t go off so I am safe for now.  We are having a doozy of a storm tonight.