One Thing Seems To Bother Me So Much

What a wonderful day today turned out to be…sort of.  It was not quite boring but it was just one of those days that just gave me mixed feelings.  I did nothing much today except eat my meals, watch Law & Order and Murder, She Wrote all day, and took an hour nap in my recliner after sleeping 10 hours in it last night.  My neighbor’s boyfriend was making his noise during the day and last night I had fallen asleep a little after 7 PM watching Law & Order and waking up to episodes of Murder, She wrote throughout the night until Father Dowling Mysteries came on at 5 AM to 8 AM, and then of course Murder, She Wrote.  I do have a lot of recorded programs on my DVR box to yet watch.

I am so happy to see April bowing out and May coming into play for 2017.  Many of us who live at Burbank Plaza have been thankful for the hard work of our onsite manager lately with the problems we have been having here for several weeks because a tenant decided to not abide by the rules and regulations of living here, and she will soon be gone away from here.  I have been unable to help my neighbor for a long time because she had decided to get mad at me for turning her in to the office in regarding to her boyfriend from the very beginning of the problems that led to her being evicted from here and her stay here is short now.  I do not know how many days the neighbor must be out of here at this time but she has been officially evicted from here and the manager has won the case to get her out of here because of her loser, idiotic, and abusive boyfriend.  Her days are numbered now.  Many of us are concerned as to where she is going to go and if she is going to be homeless like her boyfriend but we all know that the neighbor has chosen a life that is not helping her or even healthy. Her boyfriend is the reason why she has been evicted in the first place and she has been standing by him through thick and thin, and acting like she does not care about the rules and other tenants around her, and I have been getting the brunt of the problems because I live in the apartment below her right now.  I must wait but I will be very happy to see her from this place for good when she is out of here.  She has done this to herself.

Please forgive me for talking about my neighbor a lot lately but I have been through hell with my neighbor’s boyfriend and her making noise during quiet hours, and hearing him say things a verbal abuser would say to a girlfriend/boyfriend.  I have done nothing wrong to get the brunt of not abiding by the rules and regulations of living here.  If a woman chooses to be with her man no matter the circumstances are not healthy for her, the choice made will one day come to light when it can/could be too late for her to do anything.  My neighbor’s situation is sad and many people have tried to talk to the neighbor about her boyfriend being bad news but she continues to stand by her man through thick and thin.

I have to say good night.

Another Day Has Come and Gone II

It is late now and I need to get to sleep.  It has been another rainy day all day long with cold weather.  I did not go anywhere today and my services were cut short today with IDS because there was hardly no reason for DB to be here today.  I really did not want services but there was something she could do to help me out a little bit and have some time with me.

Tomorrow, hopefully, will seal my neighbor’s fate of living here or not.  I am rooting for my manager to win.  I am sick and tired of getting the brunt of the crap that is going on upstairs day and night.  Since my neighbor will not get rid of the boyfriend then she will have to go.  He is an idiot and she is just downright being stupid right now.  Whatever has changed her from good to not caring has become a concern for many of us here in the building. I hope the judge gives a swift verdict on getting her out of here.  This stuff that has been happening at Burbank Plaza has been drama I have been watching being played far too long now and I am actually getting physically ill now.  I feel I have been on pins and needles lately despite my own personal problems that should take more of my time than the stuff happening in the apartment above me.  UUGGHH!!!