I am still not going to feel guilty reporting/complaining to the manager about what my neighbor and her boyfriend to the point that she ended up getting notices for violating her rights to live here.  Today I heard, from a reliable source, that my neighbor has been telling other tenants that she was being evicted.  Now, I do know that something is going to be done at the end of the month but I do not know about an eviction.  I just know that my neighbor has violations against her because of my reporting/complaints this month.  I still do not feel guilty for what I had to do was right for a peaceful night and my own life isn’t in shambles because someone else does not want to play by the rules of living in an apartment complex with rules.  Anyway, my neighbor has allowed this man in her life, he is the one who has gotten her in trouble while living here and I was the one who reported/complained because I am one who does abide by the rules of living here, and I will not take being taunted or a victim of someone’s childish acts.

I Don’t Feel Guilty

Please do not get me wrong here because I had to do what I had to do in order to live in my apartment peacefully, peaceably, and be able to sleep at night.  I do not feel guilty about having to take my complaints about my upstairs neighbor and her boyfriend making noise after 11 PM when it is supposed to be quiet so neighbors can sleep or get the rest necessary to function for a day.  I have dealt with my neighbor and her boyfriend since last year between October and November when my neighbor met him on the street while running errands.  When I heard about this guy my neighbor had met and began seeing on a regular basis what she told me about him was too good to be true and became unsure of this man.  He was someone I did not yet meet but wanted to do just that because the “too good to be true” feeling was indeed setting off alarm bells.  As time moved ahead and I did meet this man in the community room with other tenants around and once I saw him I knew he was someone not to be trusted and I knew my neighbor could definitely do better than this guy.  That same night of meeting this man my apartment door was unlocked and he opened the door and almost walked in and then closed the door.  I had called the manager the next morning to explain what happened the night before and she looked into it and I found out that it was an accident – supposedly stated by this man the next day.  Even someone noticed him opening my door and standing there for a moment or two before closing my door.  From that evening when the incident happened I never trusted the man my neighbor calls her boyfriend/fiancee today.

When he first began staying overnight last year he stayed for two months before the manager told my neighbor he had to go for a while before staying overnight again.  This neighbor’s boyfriend did not come by for a month or so before returning once again staying for overnight for more than 15 days out of a 45 day period per the HUD rules of tenancy.  Noise after 11 PM – 8 AM had begun again and  I was deprived of sleep until one Friday morning when my shower gal DK saw how tired I was, a notice was given to the neighbor to stop the noise after 11 PM – 8 AM while/during quiet hours.  The noise did stop for a week or so and then it continued again after 11 PM, giving the neighbor another notice to stop.  Now, with the noise escalating at night and the neighbor’s boyfriend, once again, has stayed past 15 days out of a 45 day period, the situation between me and my neighbor has escalated to day and night, and management will be taking care of things at the end of the month.  Once again my nights have been disrupted with sleep not happening and noise has escalated to day and night out of spite and retaliation of the neighbor and boyfriend.  No more complaints are necessary as management knows exactly what is going on and things are going to be taken care of.  I do not feel guilty having to get peace in my own home at night.  Whew!  I do not know what is going to happen yet but after what was heard this morning has proven to me that this boyfriend of this neighbor’s is not to be trusted.

Now, what I am going to be sharing is something I do not condone (friend or foe) no matter if my neighbor is upset/mad or has a few choice words to say to me if she had the opportunity, is abuse of any kind (man or woman).  That is physical, mental, and verbal alike.  This morning, while my IDS worker was here preparing my meals for the week had heard my neighbor’s boyfriend yelling and saying some things clearly.  He was verbally abusing my neighbor!  How sad to know and hear but what my neighbor has done to get herself in trouble, boyfriend or not, has been done and is now over with.  I do not feel guilty for what I had to do to be safe in my own skin and apartment at night.  My neighbor is in an abusive relationship and that is her own fault by not reporting the abuse or telling him to leave.  I feel sad when a woman chooses an abusive relationship over the safety of herself and those around her who do care deeply about her.  I cannot be friends with abusers or those who are being abused because my physical, emotional, and mental health need to stay intact and comfortable.  If I can hear what is being said when he is yelling, I would call the authorities myself but his yelling is so inaudible for me to hear what he is actually saying.