Not Taking Any Chances and Hoping

Well…another day has come and will end shortly but the night is yet not quite over.  I did find and have time to write in my diary today without any hesitation or regret of what I wrote – as if I regret what I write every day or when I have time.  I do not have any regret(s) whatsoever.  I write for the satisfaction of getting what is in my life out in the open air to express myself whether I have an audience or not.  It has been a good day.  Relaxing and enjoyable, and now my time is winding down to going to church for Bible study at 7 PM to at least 9 PM or so.  It has been quiet in my home but not so quiet in the hallway today.  Tenants were coming and going, and talking in the public areas of the building most of the day.  Sometimes I am sensitive to noises not from my own place and it can be annoying.

Okay, let me get to the reason the title of this entry this early evening.  I keep records of my finances and I use Microsoft Excel or any other program like it.  I am not taking my chances of hackers out there so I hoping password protecting my documents safeguards my computer from idiotic hackers that do not anything better to do but disrupt and destroy the happiness of others because they are so nasty, crazy, and mean.  The world has become so far in technology and there are real super brainy people out there today that can do anything with a computer now-a-days that it can be sad. I do hope that I am setting up myself to failure or trouble with someone who can hack a computer, and hopefully never my computer.  After right such an entry now could lead me to danger?  We shall see now.  Thank you for listening to me today.  I am going to say good night and God bless.  Good night and God bless.


I do enjoy living here at Burbank Plaza most of the time but my apartment is so close to the community room – across the hall actually – and hearing the door open and close daily from morning until the room is closed at 10 PM I sometimes find it opening and closing often enough.  I sometimes must lock my apartment door so that I feel more secure than most of the time I am home – with someone or alone.  Sometimes I wish I had my own home to live in instead of an apartment complex but being on a fixed income and disabled/handicapped does not allow me to have some wonderful pleasures like a home of my own.  Many people live in apartments now-a-days because it is cheaper than owning your own home the way the economy has been the past several years.  I do miss living in a home with two or more bedrooms but I am happy here at Burbank Plaza most of the time. I keep to myself most of the time now anyway. Sometimes living in a close-knit community as Burbank Plaza can be nerving with sounds from other apartments, the hallway, and outside.  I see tenants come and go from the back-parking lot daily. Some tenants I like and others I do not like or care for too much.  My life is not different everyday as I have a scheduled day everyday – appointments, grocery shopping, church, showers, Bible study, and do what I enjoy most: watching TV, reading a good book, resting, cuddling with Bing Crosby the cat, journaling/writing, playing games on cell phone or computer, social media, and being myself.  Sometimes I need to be me whether someone likes me or not one day to the next. Sometimes people annoy me.  Sometimes I feel no one understands me. Sometimes I wonder why things happen the way they do that has nothing to do with my spiritual growth and beliefs.  Just sometimes I sometimes think about the word “sometimes” during the day I am from day to day.  I do have a lot of questions to ask God when I get to heaven.