Another Morning Entry

Okay, I am doing my best at not being boring or a bore here but I have some time to write more before my IDS worker gets here at 10 AM for food prep and organization.  I am going to get rid of some bed sheets by donating them to people who need things because they are either homeless or do not have what I have like this computer and a roof over my head and family/friends who do care about me.  I love giving to others who are less fortunate then myself even though I am disabled/handicapped myself and on a fixed income each month and year.  I have been giving to the homeless for the past two years now.  Since I am on a fixed income and do not/can’t work because of my health and disability I can give a little something of myself to others less fortunate than myself.  I think of the children out there as well who have abusive parents and need care from foster parents as well.  I had gotten my mail last night after returning home from Bible study/church and found that I had gotten mail from Voice of Martyrs magazine.  In the packet came a pamphlet that says “Write A Letter to Prisoners and Their Families”…  The idea of doing that once I opened the packet up this morning during my organization time with mail and my desk.  I am not too sure about doing something like this but I will pray and think about it very seriously.  God will guide me and while I am praying and thinking about it I can do some more research online when I have more time.

DB is here now making chili this week and then whatever comes to mind will happen until I hear from JM about visiting NMS in the hospital.

My Morning Entry

Good morning!  I got up around 7:20 AM this morning.  I decided to sleep in a little bit since I did not get to sleep until around 10:15 PM.  I am here today ready to begin my day and I am waiting for my shower gal SSL to come this morning a little after 8 AM – hopefully.  My shower gal DK is not going to make it until tomorrow because she is having a procedure done today.  She has polycystic kidney Disease (PKD) while I have Glomerulonephritis (CKD).  DK and I can relate to kidney disease even though our situations are different.  After my shower this morning, DB from IDS will be here from 10 AM for a little while for food prep and some organization. Then, this afternoon I hope to go see NMS wherever she is (hospital or Rock Haven Nursing Home) with our friend JM from church. I feel my day is going to be very busy throughout the day for the first time in a very long time.

The idea of seeing NMS right now is very important to me now even though it is going to be kind of hard.  I have known NMS for 19 years and knowing that she has cancer that has metastasized and her time on earth is short.  The idea of her leaving family, friends, and neighbors behind is something I did not plan. I have called her “Mom” since I have moved into the building back in March 1998 – 19 years ago.  I’ve heard she is in a lot of pain.  Can I do this?  Even though I wish I did not have to but I want to just in case I do not see her again until Jesus’ second coming and in heaven.  I know it is going to be tough but I understand that NMS’ life has been what I have heard from stories she has told and shared through the past few years.  She is 83 years old and her faith in God is strong (stronger than mine because she is practically 2x my age).