In General

Although my happiness is what it is today – very happy – I do have to admit that I am greatly disappointed in how people are acting and sharing their hatred towards the Republicans now.  It is very sad.  Donald Trump is our 45th President of the United States and we will have him for 4 years and if he is very good maybe 8 years.  It makes my heart ache so badly that peace has been misplaced lately.  As someone who understands politics at a low level and I not being politically inclined to the top of the list, I know I should support President Trump now that he is in rather or not I like him.  So many people say that Trump is going to bring down America worse than Obama did but my feelings about that are Obama has created a lot of hate in our own country and we have had suicide missions of Christians being killed by ISIS followers.  That is scary to be very honest here.  Since Obama was in office I have never seen so much hatred in the past 8 years than I have in my whole life growing up and trying to make something of myself since I could walk and talk.  I was brought up on giving people a chance in life not to harm them.  I have a twin sister who did not even make it into the world because she was stillborn and if she did survive, she would have been institutionalized and had no life like I have had the chance for the past 46 years.  I will be 47 years old in July if God allows it to be.

I am a Christian woman with my faith set where it needs to be.  I profess to be a Christian and a work in progress as I continue to learn more about God every day.  Seeing hatred, fear, and disorder is something I do not want to do or be a part of.  My faith in God is what it is and if I fall off the wagon and lose my way temporarily I know exactly where to go to get back on the wagon to right myself up once again.  As I sit here wasting my time writing about politics once again I do know that I am just blowing off some steam where I find touchy to talk about.  I am sick and tired of seeing posts on Facebook and other social media about how Trump is hated by Democrats and people who do not support him whatsoever.


I was not planning on having ALL of my categories deleted when I had found only one made category “FEELINGS” being all alone.   I was not too happy to see that.  So, once again. I had to create categories once again.  Did someone hack into my Dear Diary page to do this?  I doubt it but anything is possible now-a-days on the internet.  I am not mad or anything.  I am just frustrated and in wonderment where in the world did my categories go in the last twelve hours or so is all.  Did I make my readers that mad at writing about politics the past couple of days or something else unpleasant?  This is my diary and this is my sanctuary on a daily and regular basis whether or not I have readers.  This is my life and I am not going to leave because of what other people think about me in any way.7