Christmas Eve Thoughts

Despite what is happening to me from my upstairs neighbor’s noise in the middle of the night, I have to remember that this is Christmas weekend. Today I am going to go to church at 9 AM and after potluck. My ride, JM has an errand to run for a friend of hers this afternoon so I will have some time for Bing and me when I get home after lunch. My shower gal, who has been coming on Mondays, Fridays, and every other weekend is going to be leaving Almost Family after Friday, December 30th, due to the fact she is getting a new job and this job she has been waiting for a little while. I am going to miss her as well as the Almost Family team, but I do wish her to be happy and content with her life. I do have to admit that I want RS to be happy with her life as well even though she is being problematic right now.

Noises From Above Me Continue

Saturday Night

I know tenant in #213 is mad at me and knows that I have written complaints against her and her boyfriend for making noise after 11 PM – 8 AM, which is during our quiet hours so tenants can sleep at night. Now, since tenant knows that it bothers me, she is deliberately not listening to the complaints or Kathie Rebman our onsite manager who is a hard worker and having to deal with unruliness and not listening to her. I know I did not do anything wrong by writing the complaints and things will come to an end soon. Tenant in #213 does not listen and is acting like a high school teenager or child. She blames me for everything when I am trying to have a peaceful night’s rest or have a good day.

These are the exact times noise occurred:

2:00 – 2:17 AM








Do you see where I am coming from and have been venting, crying, getting frustrated and anxious.  Her boyfriend is not supposed to be sleeping overnight anymore and he is doing that somehow.  It is going to get real bad for my once friend/neighbor if this keeps up.  I can not have a decent night’s sleep with her ongoing behavior and attitude.  I am sharing this, not venting to show that this is really happening to me and how mad neighbor is at me because of me writing those two to three complaints.  Oh my goodness, I am not going to continue being blamed for her behavior or writing complaints against her from other tenants and being the talk in gossip among her friends anymore.