Coming Back Tomorrow

I just got home from Bible study and I am going to take my medication for the evening and go right to bed.  The evening went by very quickly and too quickly.  I thought I would be home by 8:30 PM and have time to write more but I do not right now.  I am getting tired.  I will be back tomorrow, though.  I do not have any plans tomorrow whatsoever after my morning shower anyway.  Good night. 

More Later…

I just looked at the time and I have to head out the door to Bible study pretty soon.  I will have to wait until I get back or until tomorrow.  It really depends on how tired I am when I get home.  I was going to talk about what happened yesterday just in case the entries I wrote and posted at Dear Diary 2 were exposed and my friends/readers saw the two posts there.  Yes, something unpleasant happened so I will not set the pleasantries aside right now.  I have been gravely (emotionally) hurt to the point that I do not trust the neighbors in this building any longer except for two and the manager/management of the building.  I will have more on the subject later as I have to head out the door for Bible study.  Until then, do your best and have a good evening, I promise I will have the best evening possible.  I am getting out of the building for a couple of hours or at least almost now.