It is Indeed a White World Out There!

Good morning…although late. I have been up since 7:15 AM this morning. Got some bottoms on, my new slippers from my friend JKS who lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin with her husband and daughter, and son who is in college out of the state of Wisconsin I believe. JKS has been a friend of mine since we were both 7 years old. We met through a friend of my family and her family as well. My older brother grew up know a son of the matriarch of the person who introduced us so long ago. Anyway, it was not snowing when I called Almost Family to see if MP called to cancel today’s shower but it is snowing from time to time now before 12 noon. We are having a great snowstorm here in good ol’ Janesville, Wisconsin today as predicted by the weathermen/weather-women of today. WOW! It is beautiful outside. I think I am going to get under a comfy blanket, have Bing on my lap if he wants to be there, and read for a while and watch/listen to TV.

Some Thoughts To End My Sunday Off

It is almost bedtime for me.  I have watched/listened to the TV while I read more of The Clinic written by John Kellerman.  It is a very good book but be prepared for it being a slow start.  If it begins slowly for other readers/fans of John Kellerman, I’d say do whatever is necessary to read a very good book.  I just finished chapter 14 – not quite half through the book.  I am beginning to wonder if The Clinic that is mentioned in the book is really involved with the gal’s murder of a professor with a doctorate degree.  I think there is trouble brewing among a couple of doctors mentioned in the book – her husband and Dr. Cruvic.   Hmmm?  It is getting very. Very good indeed.

Actually I am not usually wanting to be on my computer/laptop at this hour during the winter months but I thought. Before 7PM. Tonight I would write in my diary one last time today.  I am having neighbor issues from the neighbor upstairs today to the extent that is driving me crazy.   I just wish that RS would just move out and get away from here  I do not want here anymore. Her attitude and behavior stinks so bad.  Her boyfriend is staying here way too often at night again.  I do not care if my neighbor is getting help from this idiot of a boyfriend of hers because she is sick.  She rarely is seen with her dog anymore  – it is more him than her lately.  She needs to stop using him!  She ls using her boyfriend big time and I am not very happy about it.  She’s all attitude now.   UUGGHH.  I sense trouble brewing up there above me!  Here I am complaining/venting again and I had a wonderful nap this afternoon and it was an accident really.