After Sabbath Evening Thoughts

After Sabbath Evening Thoughts

Ahhh, now I have time for myself with MP my shower gal gone for the rest of the weekend. The snow has begun to fall as soon as she got here or while she was traveling from place to place – my place – and Bing and I can snuggle up under the comfy blanket my dad’s wife and daughter – my sister – made for me one year for Christmas. I have been watching TV and reading a book. I am reading John Kellerman’s book titled The Clinic for a couple of days now and at first I thought the book was going to be a dud and I would return it to the community room library but it has become a good read. With the snow outside falling and Bing and I inside the apartment where it is nice and warm sure makes this December night fair and pleasant enough. Not a lot to watch on TV tonight, though so that is where the book reading has come in.

Even though my body is still not used to it getting dark so early in the evening before 6 PM I do have to admit that I am staying up a little later than I have done so in the weeks to turning back time an hour now. I personally thought that I was going to suffer through this entire winter with the dreaded blahs of early dark hours but that seems to have ironed itself out with me in mind slowly but definitely surely. Why not read a good book and then turn out the lights for the night and go to bed or sleep? It makes the darkness seem less threatening each night until we spring forward our clocks again in the spring and summer months. That has seemed to help enough for me to live a normal life.

Now with Sabbath over for the weekend I am going to shut up shop, turn the lights out, watch some TV and get ready for sleep. It has been a very good day and tomorrow will come soon enough. God has given me another day to enjoy with friends and family. As the new week begins I have plans on Wednesday with my Arkansas parents and maybe my sister KLK as well. She works hard and she might not get the day off to be here for our Christmas gathering. Who knows? I won’t get my hopes up too high because she does work hard and does a great job being a store manager for Target.

Sabbath Afternoon Thoughts

Afternoon Thoughts

I am not so sure about the snow we are expecting tomorrow. We are supposedly going to be dumped on. Winter has indeed begun early and it is expected to get even colder by the end of this coming week starting tomorrow. What great joy! Are we going to have a white Christmas this year? I hope so! I am still not sure about the snow, though. I want to be go out and make snow angels, throw snowballs, and enjoy the winter stuff but now that I am older and using a walker getting up and off the ground or floor is hard to do by myself. Some days I wish I was young again without the health issues but I know that will not happen except through memories that will last a lifetime no matter if I remember or not. Let the snow come. It’s Wisconsin!

Today was a very good day for church. Yep, I went to church this morning to Sabbath School, Pastor Van did the sermon this weekend, and then we had potluck, and prayer session time. We had some visitors this morning. That was super! Members of the church, including myself, met a member’s fiancée and his parents this morning. The couple is waiting for her family to arrive from Jamaica and have the wedding on the 18th at our Beloit church. Yep, this next weekend! I am so excited for the couple! Members of Beloit have been invited and I will be going.

After prayer meeting was over and everyone who stayed for prayer meeting left, Pastor Van, CV, and I went to see Grandma Van at the Beloit nursing home where she resides. She was napping/sleeping but she woke up long enough to visit for a little while before we left her to go back to her nap. Although Grandma Van has Alzheimer’s disease she is still aware of people coming to visit even though she does not know her visitors are any longer. She did babble a bit incoherently but she did make some sense with some words. She is a wonderful woman from the stories I have been told by her kids I am now friends with and have been sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with for the past 6 years now. After seeing Grandma Van, a joy I like doing with the Van’s, Pastor Van and CV brought me home for the rest of the afternoon and weekend.

When MP came I did not want to take a shower. I was going to when I got home but changed my mind by the time she got here. I did not like the idea of getting in and out of my warm blanket and have Bing off my lap. That is how comfortable I was as well as toasty warm and ready for the upcoming snowfall we are expecting tomorrow through to Monday sometime. I have become a chicken getting into the shower on cold days lately, LOL… Oh well. It’s what I want to do today. I may not get a shower tomorrow because of the weather but that is okay. I do not expect MP or anyone to be out in the yucky weather anyway!