My Evening Thoughts For 12/09/16

My Evening Thoughts

Good evening. Sorry, no afternoon thoughts. I got busy making important and necessary phone calls, watching Law & Order on ION on my DVR box I recorded the past two weeks, and reading a book written by John Kellerman titled The Clinic, and it is a very good book despite the first two chapters seemed boring at first but it is now getting good after the third chapter. I am up late tonight. I am usually in bed by this time of 8:56 PM but I did not take any of my sleep or antibiotic for a urine culture coming back this Tuesday with a bacterium I have never had before in my life even though the urine test resulted no UTI in the works. The medication is taking of the bacterium I have in my system. Due to the fact that I have CKD and the bacteria I have does not usually get treated by an antibiotic unless a woman is pregnant, my family doctor Dr. K has decided to treat the bacteria in my urine culture so it will not go rampart and I have other problems. I have been taking my medication faithfully and two times a day as directed. I have taken it before. As far as my CKD and urinary tract history since I have been a child, I am glad my issue is being taken care of seriously and correctly. Believe me, I do not allow my medical health to go downhill if I can help it. As far as I know I never had a kidney infection with my transplanted kidney the moment is put in my body. This kidney was well protected and now it is almost time for it to check out, in a way, stop working. How many more months or weeks do I have this good ol’ kidney of my mother’s? God has given me a wonderful dose of understanding about health. I am forever grateful for the longevity of this ol’ kidney. I am okay with it shutting down when it is ready. I am prepared to do dialysis when it is time to begin that again.

Well, it is after 9 PM now and I have my meds downed. I have church in the morning and I will be back in the morning before church and later in the afternoon when I get home whether it is before or after my shower. Good ol’ Wisconsin is expecting 8 to 10 inches of snow between Saturday and Sunday, this weekend. I am getting prepared just in case. I may not have my Sunday afternoon shower if the weather is bad. My friend JKS set me a package that included a pair of comfy slippers and dark chocolate with almond bits. My feet have been comfortably warm since I have put them on. Anyway, I have shut the lights off for the night, in my pajamas, and I am going to say… … … goodnight. Have a great night and thank you for letting me vent this morning. I was not a very happy camper around 10 AM this morning whatsoever.

My Friday Morning Vent on December 9th

Morning Thoughts

Oh please, not this morning! My upstairs neighbor’s boyfriend is here once again walking about heavily EVEN DURING the day. How RUDE! This guy is nothing but loud and obnoxious around here. I still do not trust or like him at all. If RS loves him that’s fine with me but I DO NOT LIKE the guy. As I am sitting here, after 10 AM Friday morning, I can hear him talking to RS loudly enough that I can hear what he is saying to her. No, he’s not yelling at her or anything. He’s just loud. If they do plan to get married I hope that she does the right thing by letting management know because he has to be approved to live here. I know her health is not good right now but I think her mental health is not well either. She just seems cold and mean to me. I do not trust her anymore and I am glad she is just a neighbor now and not a friend. When I had to walk away from her I was upset for weeks and now today I am okay with it. I just hope she’s happy and stays that way but does she have to make me living here in the apartment below her miserable and uncomfortable? NO, she doesn’t but she has since he’s been here. These walls are so thin here between apartment walls and floors. This building was built cheaply in 1986, I guess. I hope RS moves out of here in 2017. Her presence here has become dark and dreary. I do not like her attitude and behavior lately. She’s been showing her true colors. Just because she has made my life miserable in the apartment below her, I am not moving out of here. This has been my home, Burbank Plaza/Teamster Manor since March 1998.