Good Night

Well…time to say goodnight, shut up shop for the night, and get ready for bed.  My body is not doing very well with the time change this fall and winter months for some reason or another.  I personally think it has something to do with the fact that I have had a lot going on this year since February and I am still recovering from my fistula procedure on November 15th, and with my neighbor’s shenanigans has not really helped my positive emotions much the past two months or so.  Whenever I have the chance, once again, leaving this place is great pleasure, and I stay close to home all day otherwise. 

A Typical Monday Morning & Thoughts About My Future Coming

Good morning…I think, anyway. I had awakened around 5:45 AM to the TV still on and I slept in my recliner again. I did get 9 hours and 40 minutes of sleep. Sometimes I find myself sleeping more comfortably in the living room in my recliner more than in my bedroom at night. I find that odd sometimes now that I quit sleeping in a recliner after doing so for a year. I guess it depends on my comfort for the night.

Anyway, this is Monday and today I am going to do cleaning and laundry with DB. No grocery shopping. I won’t get anything with $1.46 left in my checking account, lol. I just checked my finances and I still only have $1.46 left in my checking account for the rest of the month of November. Oh well, I have had no money in my account a few times. No big deal really. I do watch my money most of the time but for some reason this month has escaped me to almost overdraft in my checking account the second time. It was not pretty when it happened once and I wish not to experience it again although I have in another account. Embarrassing, I tell you – totally embarrassing. At least I can hold my head up high and smile despite my feelings about having no money in my checking account until December.

I am feeling okay. My incision, where the fistula was placed, is healing nicely according to Dr. S. This morning, despite the healing process, I did write to Dr. S via Mercy My Chart and asked a few questions that have popped up over the long Thanksgiving weekend. I will see what he has to say in response to my inquiry. I am moving ahead and living my life the best I can with all that has been going on lately. So much has happened in one year and yet a lot more to come as the days, weeks, and hours tick on forward despite my feelings about it. I do have mixed emotions a lot these days. I am a normal human being I guess, lol.