A Thought I Wish I Could Say No Too But Shouldn’t Today

Okay, at this time I am due to have my shower but I do not want one. I did not have a shower yesterday afternoon so I am going to have a shower despite my feelings of wanting one. I have to keep the incision area clean the best I can while it is still healing from November 15th. All is good despite my feelings.   I will be back shortly.

Just Mumbling

I am really enjoying my day here at home doing nothing much but reading and watching Law & Order: SVU today. Now I am just waiting patiently for 3 PM to come and go so I can finish the rest of my day relaxing watching TV and reading. The book I am reading, “Sycamore Row written by John Grisham is one paperback book I cannot really put down right now. Finding time to write in my diary/journal from time to time when thoughts come and go. Reading a book right now has taken more of my time and that includes taking more time watching TV right now. I am just listening to the noise from the TV right now. Why bother having it on, right? Right.