I am not going to argue when the doctor states that my “artwork” looks and sounds great. I had learned that the fistula placement was a very good one and that Dr. S said that the vein he decided to use was better than he expected. Hmmm? I am definitely okay with his “artwork” job well done. I am very happy to have met him. He is a doctor I will recommend to others in need of cardiovascular issues. I think of my dad when I think of Dr. S’ work and profession.

With good results from the doctor today and my blood pressure being at 112/66 when looked at, I can say that things are okay at this time. I will see Dr. S again in six weeks on January 9th, 2017 for another check up. I am already looking forward to it. I feel I have a good set of doctors as far as my health is concerned. I cannot ask for more. My morning may have not started out the best but I do have to say my 9 AM appointment has brightened my day.

Morning Thoughts

I have an appointment at 9 AM this morning at Mercy Clinic West with Dr. Snider.   He is going to be looking at his artwork he created in and on my arm for the fistula procedure I had last week Tuesday, the 15th. I am glad that I will be getting out of the apartment and building for a little while this morning. No shower today. I had to cancel for the first time on RK because of an appointment that is necessary to be at. I will be back around 10 AM or so.