It is a fine day.  My appointment with Dr. A at Mercy Clinic West went well and better than I had hoped.  Dr. A seemed to understand my needs and fears/anxiety most of all and he then explained the hemodialysis process and what it does, which I already knew by doing research on the topic.  I am going to do some more research tomorrow sometime on www.webMD.com when I have a chance.  I am definitely okay with this.  Time has come to be knowledgeable once again on things that I have not been knowledgeable on years ago.  I am ready for the next step next Thursday at 1 PM at Mercy Hospital’s Radiology portion of the hospital.  I am going to be okay.

Just Jabbering

I am not worried about not writing in my diary as much as I used to anymore.  I will write whenever I have a chance from now on … missing a day here and there.  I have a busy life right now and I wish to relax and rest whenever possible now.  No, I am not real sick again like I was in 1987 when I found out I had total kidney failure at the age of 17 and needed a kidney transplant and my mother was my first living donor on March 12, 1988.  I have CKD of the 1st kidney transplanted 28 years, 2 months, and 7 days ago.  Yes, I am good with numbers but not obsessed with them.  I am just good with numbers, dates, occasions, and special moments in anyone’s life.  The transplant that took place, God has been watching over me all these years and He will never put me through any trial I cannot handle.  I do love him.  Today I have an appointment with Dr. A at 2 PM and what goes on at the meet and greet and get some important questions answered.  Spending time online journaling will be a part of my life.  Journaling and writing in a diary will always be a part of my life.  I write better my thoughts and feelings than expressing them openly to someone I am speaking to in person.