Despite How I Feel I Am Living My Life

No matter how I am feeling today I am living my life and moving ahead by doing what I have to do for myself and my health, and of course, my doctors are included.  I would not get this far without God watching over me and I accepting what is going on.  Yes, I have feelings of confusion right now when it comes to family but whatever is negative should be out of my life and it may make me feel sad and hurt leaving my heart broken at times.  I am here and my life is moving ahead with God guiding me all the way, and I am glad that God is guiding me every step of the way even though I may not understand entirely what is going on right away.

This is How I Feel Today

Right now for some reason my brother, his wife, and their three kids are on my mind this month a lot.  I’d prefer not to let them know how I do not want anyone of them in my life to their faces because of what my brother’s wife has done to break the ties between them and other Karnopp’s within the Karnopp family.  They make me sick to my stomach and yet things pop up in my life that remind me of all of them.  With this month, an anniversary, the eldest daughter’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, and yes that is a lot of activity for one month.  What I am going through this month myself is a lot of activity of my life.  Personally, U am managing but I do feel things are going very fast right now and I am busier than I have ever been.