Praying For MP

My heart goes out to my shower gal MP right now.  She came to work this afternoon even though I was not in the mood to have a shower and didn’t have one.  I had learned that MP’s brother is in the hospital, the youngest of 9 children, and is not doing very well.  As soon as I heard that her brother was in the hospital I had asked her if she would like to be with her brother at the hospital and she told me she would like to be there.  I told her to go and be with her brother so she stayed to make my bed, take trash out, and do the dishes, and then she left. I let her go practically as soon as she got here.  I will see about Monday from Almost Family.

Looking Forward to This Morning.

Life in the Karnopp household here is doing just fine.  I am heading to church this morning and my ride just called to let me know they were picking me up a little later than 8:30 AM this morning – a heads up sort of thing.  Pastor Van and his wife CV are picking me up for church this morning and we are going to the Beloit SDA church this week.  He will be doing the Prophecy seminar there this week.  I am so looking forward to church this morning.