Questioning One’s Status Continued

Okay…I seriously thought about it.  This guy, as sweet as he seemed in chat, has been blocked on Facebook.  I did not want to be scammed by another person who states he or she is fighting for our country when I have heard of scams on Facebook going on lately.  I am honestly hoping that in reality I was not being scammed by a sweet sounding gentleman but the red flags were still up this morning when I had awakened at 6 AM and found that he written a long text telling me this and that about how important it was for a relationship.  I believed what he said was a very good relationship but when I talked to him through messenger on Facebook (phone app) I noticed that he liked the same things I did.  I kind of thought of this all being a line of baloney coming my way.  I am a Christian woman who is set in her ways  and wish not to have someone coming into my life disrupting the very existence of my ways I have grown accustomed to most of my adult life (including changes that had to be made).  I have been watching a lot of Investigative Discoveries (ID) on TV to know when someone is being flimflammed by someone by seeing and noticing the signs of one’s attitude change after a relationship has started,  Both men and women change dramatically in a relationship just to control the other person.  My family in NM, WI, AR, and PA are too important to me to lose.  Now I did mention my brother and his family (PA) because I have this hope that we will connect up again in the future if God allows it despite my feelings of allowing my brother back in my life at the moment because I have been hurt and abused emotionally by both him and his wife.  So my questioning one’s status is no longer a question and now a must to move on without feeling guilty for blocking a gentleman from Facebook once again because of those red flags popping up.  Now, if this man is for real, I do hope that he does find his soulmate.  He just will not have me as his soulmate is all.

Questioning One’s True Status

I will be very honest here.  I am questioning someone’s true status on Facebook right now.  I will not give the name of this person except for the gender being a male.  Believe me when my radar is going and caution flags are up and center.  Today I befriended a gentleman who happens to be the same age as myself – born the same year I was – and the only mutual friend he has of mine is a church member friend from Beloit SDA church as well.  This gentleman is supposedly in Afghanistan and will be returning back to the states in November.  He communicated with me all day today wanting a relationship with someone who will spend the rest of their lives together.  Umm, I have been told there is a scam going on here.  Red flags are up in the air and I am not sure if this guy is for real.  I really have questions about the authenticity of this guy.  I am questioning this one’s true status right now.  Hmm, I have been fooled before and I feel he is not the real thing…not at all the real thing.  I have some serious thinking to do.  I will make a decision by tomorrow afternoon.