Another Busy Day

Another fine day has come and gone here.  Yes, another fine day indeed.  How could I have slept away most of it?  I was tired and could not keep awake.  It is amazing how bodies rejuvenate themselves so they can be at least functional.  All I did do today was watch Law & Order on channel 19 ION and slept.  I even tried reading but that failed miserably as I could not really concentrate to keep my eyes open.  The book I am now reading is not boring, though.  I started a new book today.  “Evensong”.  I guess a nap was needed before I left at 5 PM to VBX (Vacation Bible Experience).

I am really enjoying myself at VBX.  I am not just enjoying the kids learning.  I am learning as well.  I cannot ask for more when I go to church now-a-days because I am always learning something new and amazing.  Since VBX is happening this week at the Woodland Community Church, I have been happy getting out and being with others.  I cannot ask for more…seriously.

Why Does It Bother Someone So Badly?

Okay, the evening did end just fine as far as VBX was concerned but it did not seem to end on a good feeling for me when it came to someone who was telling me to tone it down on posting things on Facebook.  This someone I really like as a person in the Christian realm of life and as a fellow Christian who is an Adventist like me.  It can be so frustrating at times that I thought I would be crying as soon as I hit home and not with anyone but my good ol’ snuggling cat Bing Crosby.

I will NOT stop posting things on my Facebook page just because one person, who has told me twice, to limit how many postings I post, since it is MY Facebook page.  Everyone posts for different reasons and I know some of my friends and family on Facebook post more than I do.  I am going to keep going the way I have been going despite what this one person stated twice.  If he later deletes me as a friend on Facebook, it is his loss and not mine.  I am kind of saying this in an unsavory tone of voice at the moment because this popped up again.  I need to calm down now.