The Past Three Days

I have not forgotten to write in my journal the past three days or anything.  I have been very busy since Sunday and today is going to be another busy day.  That was explained in more detail in my first entry so I am not going to repeat myself or at least try not to anyway. I am so looking forward to the evening when it arrives and here I am waiting patiently for it. I do not even remember much of Monday except for my schedule and an appointment yesterday.   It has been a good week to some extent.  I do remember having a heart to heart talk with my Aunt JK the other day.  I just took the past three days – until today – to do what was necessary for myself.  I have been quiet and home whenever possible.  I can say that I have not hidden in my apartment the past three days and I have heard what happened over the weekend and have seen neighbors sitting outside when it has been pretty decent.  It rained last night so the ground is a little wet or it proves that it has rained. I had awakened to it raining and I did see lightning far off in the distance – not as bright as I saw lightning last Thursday night.

Thoughts About My Week So Far…

With this week being filled with appointments (yesterday and today), I consider this week has been busy so far and after tomorrow, I will be looking forward to some time for myself to relax and get caught up with myself…I hope.  I have an eye appointment today (this afternoon).  Am I nervous about it?  No, not really.  I just wonder how well it will go is all.  Spending an hour and a half in a doctor’s office is something I do not like doing all the time and today is one of those days.  I have not seen the eye doctor for two years so it is actually time and long overdue.  With it being the middle of the month, I have to say that this month is going by very quickly.  I am feeling very emotional this week and I have every right to be a little emotional. Once it passes, I will be very happy for sure.  I am looking forward to Saturday Sabbath even though there is no church right now in Beloit (maybe in Janesville) but I won’t go.  I am going to advantage this Sabbath and next Sabbath at home.  I will go to church Sunday, though.  There is Camp Meeting 2016 from June 18 – June 25 and so there is some free time.  I am going to have my own – one on one church right here at home for the next two Sabbaths.  If there is church in Janesville and I do wish to go, I can see if JM is going or not and maybe go with her if she decides to go.

I feel I have had very little sleep the past few days but last night to this morning I slept a little over 9 hours.  Thank goodness.  I am all ready for today for my eye appointment for the most part as far as enough sleep is concerned.  I thought I was losing it or something by becoming an insomniac or something but I have learned that I do not fair to well when it is humid out and it has been very humid out the past few days.  I am not going crazy.  Yay!  I am feeling okay today even though things have come to an emotional time for me.  I am going to be okay.  I am a woman for goodness sakes.