Summer Is Approaching

Now that summer is approaching I have appointments to go to despite how I feel about going.  It has been two years or so since I have seen my eye doctor Dr. K in Madison so I have appointment next Wednesday afternoon.  I have had the same eye glass prescription for two years.  I do not not how much my eyes have changed today but I will find out next week.  I also have my grocery shopping/cleaning on Monday as usual along with an appointment on the 14th.  I have another appointment to see SW my counselor in a month and the second Tuesday of the month.  Anyway, rambling on and on without the title making sense at the moment, I have been staying up past 8:00 PM the past few nights.  Now, starting this week Bible study has been set aside for the summer and will resume again the Fall possibly following an evangelistic series at the SDA churches in Janesville, Delavan, and Beloit…Wisconsin in September.  Staying up later than 8 PM is not the first time and is the last time this summer.  My shower schedule is still at 8:30 AM every Tuesday – Thursday with RK.  Once the fair starts, RK will be gone for the three days and I might end up having BS as my shower gal unless Rescare cannot find a shower gal for those three days.  I will have to wait and see.  I am borrowing trouble here thinking ahead and assuming the worst.

As of June 18th, Rescare will have a new name because the business/home health care service has been sold.  The new name will be Almost Family.  This happens next week!  My shower services will remain the same and I will still have BS and RK as my shower gals.  The only thing that is changing is the paperwork will be a little different and there will be no more calling in or calling out at each client’s home using the client’s phone.  BS always seems to have trouble with my phone.  She always says my phone is messed up again when it reality it is the user of my phone (her at the moment) because I never have any troubles with my phone.  I believe she does not use smart phones often or does not know how to use one.  I am doing my best at getting along with BS when she is different from RK and I believe BS and I just do not mesh well anymore.  We are two opposite people.  I talked to M at Rescare this afternoon as she answered the phone when I called her about the letter I received about the name change and the changes that are happening in the next week and afterwards.  I talked to M about BS’s health and my concern for her health but she made a good point that BS has to take care of herself.  More tomorrow.  I am heading to bed now.  Good night.

June 7

Start Of My Day

My day, although Tuesday, felt like Monday first thing this morning for some reason but I had gotten up around 7 AM instead of 5 AM or 6 AM. It felt good just lying in bed listening to Bing meow all around the house. One of his routines, when the windows are open, is to get in the windowsill to watch and listen to the birds and squirrels on the ground. Every now and then I would hear Bing under the bed in the jungle of stuff there playing with something. It is never a dull morning in my house when I have a cat that is being the entertainment in the morning. Knowing that I wanted time to journal before leaving for my counseling appointment, I needed to get up and move around the apartment before my shower gal RK gets here at 8:30 AM to help me shower and get ready for my day. I have fed Bing and gave him some more water and found him satisfied for the time being until RK got here for the hour. Am I looking forward to counseling today? Yes.


What happened to our sunshine? It is overcast and cool out this morning. I am wondering if I dressed warmly enough. I had shut off the A/C fan, the fan between the kitchen and bathroom because it is cool enough outside this morning. I looked at the temperature for today’s weather and that is why I am wondering I am dressed warmly enough. Maybe…maybe not as I do not have to leave here until a little before 11:30 AM so I will probably end up taking a jacket with me while I am out for my appointment.

A Fine Day

I survived my day today, LOL. My appointment went well as time moved slowly and fast during my 50 minutes session with SW. After my appointment I came home and watched television until meditated myself to sleep again. I do that often enough it seems. The weather, despite the day being a fine one, was overcast most of the day. While the sun was setting I did see the blue sky and fluffy cards for a little while. When I left my apartment my plan was to sit outside and wait for my ride but he was already out there waiting for me, LOL. As soon as I got to my appointment I was able to sit down and read a couple of paragraphs of the book I am now reading on my Kindle reader. Yep, I took my Kindle with me. That is how good the book I am reading is. I had gotten a text message from my former middle school teacher Mrs. M telling me she and her husband were gone for the night with his brother and sister-in-law from Arizona. WM’s brother and sister-in-law are visiting family for a few days. I was told that I might hear from Mrs. M until tomorrow or so because reception for cell phone may not be the greatest where they are at while fishing. Mrs. M is going fishing. Cool! Today was a fine day!