This Is My Sunday and A Brief Idea About Tomorrow

Today is not exactly boring… I did not take a nap… I just watched TV all day, did some reading. I finally finished the first book titled Defects written by Sara Noffke and I would love to read the other books in the series but I do not have the money right now. So I have decided to begin reading a book titled Next Door Secrets (Secret series book 2) written by Karen Lenfestey even though I have not read the first book of the series by the same author yet. So far I find the book very good even though some of it had romance in it. Reading gives me a chance to escape the real world life and get comfortable in an imaginative world of an author’s writing. The “wanna be” author in myself is not writing stories like the ones I have read just recently but definitely something different – something real – something I call truth and spiritual. Although I am exactly looking forward to my shower gal coming in the morning but I have the day from the moment I wake up to my shower at 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, I have no services from IDS tomorrow. I will have time with Bing Crosby the cat all day long without external interruptions until Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM.

A Couple of Thoughts

I really do not have an entry title for my first thought of the morning.   Sometimes that happens when I have just gotten ready for my day. I will be leaving for church in about an hour or so as my ride will be here a few minutes after 9:00 AM. I am looking forward to church this morning. I cannot wait to see my friends and church family (Janesville church) this morning. Next week I will go to the Beloit church with the Capps family. I will miss potluck, prayer meeting, and poetry reading today in Beloit today but that is okay. Today there is two marathons going on…Columbo and Law and Order: SVU. I love both programs and feel kind of torn between the two. I believe I am going to watch Columbo all day long when I am home. I can live without TV for a while. In fact, I am having quiet time right now since I did not have it yesterday. I just turned the TV off for the morning until I get home.

Where Am I Going With Memories Coming?

I have been thinking about a few things that have me wondering about the world around me and it involves me. When I was a child, I did not have to worry about much because my parents were always there for me. Now…I am on my own and have been on my own since December 1989. Many things happened since I have moved out on my own (with help due to the fact I am handicapped). I have been told, not sure if it is true or not because it did not come from my parents, that my parents wanted me out of the house. I was eighteen years old at the time, had my first job working at McDonald’s (a job I did not mind until they hired someone to do the same thing I was doing and did not get anymore hours for two weeks straight so I quit) and my feelings for the store I worked at became a place I wish not to go to for a while alone. My feelings were very hurt. I worked there for two years. I started working there when I was still living at home with my parents. CESA 2 helped me find jobs but I found this one on my own but my CESA 2 worker did get involved after I told her about the job opportunity at the interview after the interview. I do not regret working there. I just did not like being pushed out to the point that I quit with one day notice over the phone by telling a manager that I did not have any hours for two weeks and that those two weeks were my two weeks notice and I will be returning the uniform the next morning. Why am I bringing this up practically twenty years or more? UUGGHH! Boy, I have been hurt and feel I have been used.