Kidney Biopsy

I have been gone all day from 5:30 AM to 6:30 PM because I was in Madison, Wisconsin at the UW Hospital and Clinics for a kidney biopsy right in the transplant clinic.  The biopsy was scheduled for today back in December 2015 for this day because I did not want any other unknown doctor taking care of me as I have trust and understanding of Dr. D and his students and doctors he works with.  Dr. D makes me smile and is very sweet.  He has a bedside manner that I wish all doctors had but that is not ever going to happen.  Anyway, the preliminary results of the biopsy was very good and there is no sign of rejection of the transplanted kidney after 28 1/2 years although the elevated protein could have been a sign of rejection because I have had other tests done to prove rejection is not happening.  I have normal scar tissue of the kidney and no rejection.  The doctor decided to put me on a medication called Lisinopril 5mg to start out with and ordered me to have UA tests done every week until further notice, and on February 9, the doctor wants me to have a workup on my kidney counts as well to see how the biopsy handled the kidney for precautionary measures.  I am willing to do this because I do not play with my health,