I have literally escaped the educational portion of my day for the entire day and had a hassle free day all day long. Now, a little bit of studying tomorrow but not too much. Back to the grind stone tomorrow. Yippee, lol. This class has gotten me a little distressed but I am okay and doing just fine. I know I will be okay. Escapage ends as of the moment I wake up tomorrow morning or late morning. So unlike today I had awakened at 12 noon! NOT tomorrow I hope! We shall see anyway.

Good night.

Hassles of Today …

Honestly, today there has been very few hassles but maybe a couple of them that would like to have avoided. I have not answered the phone all day and plan to not answer the phone for the rest of the day except for oa couple of calls. Hassles of today are going to be far today … hardly none. I have not had a headache all day long because I have taken it easy all day and napped off and on. I am a gal who wants to have a hassle-free day now and then and today is one of those days. I am having time to reflect on a few things in my life that are very important to me and that is something I know everyone wants to have from time to time. I am not going to crack open a textbook today even. That’ll wait until tomorrow or even Monday morning. It won’t take me long to the mid-term for the class I am in right now. I am in overview mode of the first 3 weeks of class at this time and I am not in any rush. I am taking a couple of days from attending class this weekend as well. I want to have a hassle-free weekend if possible.