Up Late Tonight

I am up late tonight. Have Bible study tomorrow as well as an appointment at the Job Center tomorrow afternoon. No rush to go to bed early tonight, lol. As for being up late this is the first time I have stayed up late. It is 10:30 p.m. here in Wisconsin right now and bedtime is soon arriving as I am heading to bed shortly. This is my last entry of the day and evening. I am going to sign off for the night and hopefully come back tomorrow — if not soon.

The Mermaid Girl – Shiloh Pepin

For over an hour there has been tears shed – not of pity or shame but of “way to go” and a story of love. The story, about a young girl who was born with her legs fused together, had really made my heart really think of how blessed this family was to have a daughter beat the odds of the condition she was born with and have lived a young, bubbly life that there shared smiles, tears, and communication that many families do have during crucial times. This story, about Shiloh Pepin really touched my heart in a way that I had to call my mom, with tears welled in my eyes, to tell her that I was very blessed with all that happened to me since I was a child growing up whereas this little girl who is called the “mermaid girl” because of her fused legs needs to have more medical care than I ever did in the twenty-one years since the kidney transplant I had at the age of seventeen. My heart goes out to Shiloh in a way that I cannot explain openly in a verbal sense because the words do not form easily. I want to meet Shiloh and meet such a pumped up little girl living a normal life. Way to go, Shiloh! God loves you and appreciates you for you!