I Am Now Believing Someone Is Jealous!

I am now believing that someone, a friend of mine, is jealous. It does not seem right to me to have this friend telling me that my college is being investigated and will not be a college much longer when I have learned yesterday that the college I am attending has creditation and financial aid does back the school up. This friend always mentions friends of hers who has attended the same college I am now attending. I wonder, along with the belief of my friend being jealous, if her friends have had bad experiences at the college or believe everything they are also hearing from other people. I have looked online about investigations of colleges and my college did not come up in the research. Honestly, the belief of jealousy being in involved, I wonder, the fact that I have my bachelor’s degree in accounting and she does not, or the fact that she does believe everything that is being told to her because the college she attends wants students to attend their college. I feel my friend has gone too far!!! This has been going on for a while now – since I began the college again in October.

I do not have the ability to fight anymore anxiety attacks. My health is not taking anymore anxiety now. I get sick so easy now and it takes me a couple of days or so to get back to a normal living, and those anxiety attacks are bad once I can not control them after a certain level.

I am not in high school anymore!!! People need to grow up.


The past couple of nights, so unlike tonight thank goodness, I could not sleep very well. This evening, while having dinner with my friend JT at my place, she told me WHY I could not sleep the past two nights very well. It was all BECAUSE of the Ginseng is Pepsi Max! Whoops! I will not drink Pepsi Max at certain times of the day anymore for that reason. At first I thought it was because of the caffeine rush I was having those two days but guess not, lol. It was all BECAUSE OF THE GINSENG! LOL. I am okay tonight. Planning on retiring to bed here shortly. It is kind of past my bedtime anyway but I needed and wanted to get caught up on a couple of things online before retiring. I took a three hour nap this afternoon so I am caught up on some sleep. Good night and God bless all of you!