My Day Today After 9 a.m.

I did get to my appointment a couple of hours early but I had time to take care of some business while waiting so my time was worth the wait and patience, even though I could not sit still. My appointment went well at 11 a.m. and even after my appointment, the day was not bad — not bad at all. It was rainy and wet out when I left from my appointment to head back home and yes, I did get soaked while walking home, but only did the rain come for half the walk home. Figure that one out, lol. After getting home, I noticed that the milkman was visiting so I ordered a couple of things from him, got to my apartment, and got out of my wet clothes and rested for the most part of the afternoon feeling like I was going to doze off in my recliner but didn’t. Instead I watched television and made some very important telephone calls, and yes, my phone rang off the hook the minute I got home, lol, and that is a never-ending thing around here. Even someone called last night before midnight! I could have shot the person who did but then again the person who called did not know that I go to bed early now for the most part of my week. I am not the type of person to stay up late. I wrote to that person a message this morning before I left to let her know that I go to bed early now.

It was a productive day.

Something New Is Going to Begin

As long as I have a laptop that still works, (knock on real wood) I am going to begin having the laptop by me at night anytime I get up and have a thought to write about or I have a journal thought to write in my most private spot in my world. All is fine right now and I have so much to say but there is not enough time between writing papers, studying, and appointments anymore to write them at my leisure. If I get up and just have a moment or two I can not sleep, I will get up and write my thoughts here when I can share my thoughts or write in my private journal before going back to sleep. Right now I really do not have the time to write in my thoughts because of the fact that I have to head out the door any minute now and go to my DVR appointment which I am enthusiastically looking for this morning. Times were changed from 2 p.m. to 11 a.m. since I am just not feeling that great with a cold. I just want to come home and get myself going back to bed for a while. I will be back later.