Entry #2

I was going to be on earlier but I was not feeling the greatest physically, mentally, or emotionally, so entry #2 will be my last entry of the day. Sorry about that. Why am I apologizing anyway? I always say I am sorry when I do not have to. I guess habits are hard to kill or taper off apparently. Anyway. here I am, going to bed after this since I am still not feeling that great. I had some popcorn for a smack earlier in the afternoon and I guess it is not settling all too well. I could not even eat my supper without the feeling of choking or having any food in my mouth. I do not have the flu or anything … a cold, yes, but that’s it.

Because I was not feeling that great physically this afternoon, after eating that popcorn, I have been kind of restless the entire afternoon and evening … even now I am restless. Honestly, what is wrong with me, too. I have nothing to be anxious about … do I? I hope not anyway.

As it is … nothing much happened today. Both Bing and I lounged all day long and napped here and there. A nap for me today was there but it just did not happen. Like I said, I was restless all afternoon and evening since I ate some popcorn for a snack. I will be okay as usual.

Entry #1

Not much going on right now. It is going on 11 a.m. and my Bible study will be here very soon. Already had my living skills coordinator come and we ran one errand today and I got back over an hour ago and decided to play games at myyearbook.com. According to my LSC, my apartment was not so bad … just the weekly cleaning needed to be done and she cleaned my bathroom, swept and mopped, then we were off to do my errand. I needed, lol, laundry quarters for washing. It is not too bad outside.