One More Thing

Last night while asleep, which I am glad to have been awakened from by a little furry alarm clock, I had a bad/nightmarish dream that is still bothering me to some degree. I can not shake it off and I am wondering if my dream was telling me that I have some unresolved issue to deal with or the fact that my subconscious was working overtime. If I ever told this dream to anyone I believe that I would be causing some grief in my own heart and only two people know about the dream that I had. I find this dream was not laughable by any means but kt was one heck of a cooky dream, that’s for sure. The worst thing about this dream is the month of November is not here yet and Thanksgiving is not here yet either. I can say this much. In my nightmarish dream I did go visit family for the holiday and I did not have a good time. Having to go to a neighbor’s home to call my sister and my sister was nicknamed a name I found very odd but when the person answered her phone, I knew that it was my sister calling me back, but having to go to neighbor’s house to talk to her was the strange part. My dream addressed evil lurking about and my sister and I were the only ones who could combat it. I personally think that my brain was on a subconscious level in regards to the Final Destination movie I watch last night, who really knows. Honestly, my nightmarish dream did not make sense and the good thing was that no one died or were killed in my nightmare so I am wondering where in the world this nightmarish dream was rooted from in the first place. Dang! I am okay, though…honest!

Now I said my thoughts before going to bed. Maybe now I can let this nightmarish dream dissolve now.

This Evening

To be very honest with you, this evening has been pretty much the same as this afternoon. I have been online for a couple of hours or so now and soon I will be retiring to bed for the night. I did watch television movies for most part of my dinner and early evening hours. I watched Final Destination, Final Destination 2, and Final Destination 3 today and I am understanding that if it is your time to go it is your time to go. Having premonitions is something I would not want in order to predict the future. I feel I have a sixth sense sometimes but doesn’t everyone? Mothers have a sixth sense about their child or children and twins sense each other’s pain, too. Anyway, I watched all three movies today. Bedtime is looming in the air now anyway, so I am going to say good night and God bless all of my friends here at Dear Diary, and hopefully come back tomorrow. Good night!