My Friday – I know I got it Backwards, lol

I believe I should have had this entry first before the first one. Oh well, lol. I am not perfect and I will profess that to be so true — being imperfect I mean. Well, anyway…here is what my Friday consisted of today.

Got up at 9:30 a.m. this morning when a friend of mine was returning my phone call from last night.

Got dressed and washed my hair

Went down to the office to pay my rent for the month of October

My friend JT and I got together and went to the library for a while, came home where I spent the rest of the afternoon home with my Bing Crosby cat catnapping on the twin bed in the living room.

Watched a little bit of recorded programming and had a snack

Went out to supper with another friend CB just down the street and then was dropped off for the rest of the evening.

That list is what consisted of my Friday. A pretty ordinary day with just my life as it can be from time to time. I got some fresh air today just as well and now feel tired and want to go to bed early tonight once again. I am looking forward to my weekend here at home with Bing Crosby and tomorrow watching my favorite munchkin bear, Bear, JT’s 2 year old pup at 4 p. – 9 p. so I keep myself pretty busy…very busy.

I feel I have been hounded by phone text messagesI feel I have been hounded by phone messages by one particular person in regards to myspace page and believe it or not it is getting irritating…very much so. She also asks me if I am mad at her and I just want to be left alone right now so I do not get in the middle of the drama that has been going on lately here where I live. She has a boyfriend now to occupy her time and full attention to which does not bother me at all even though I may have some red flags going up in the air big time about this relationship she is in but this is her life…not mine and I accept that very much so. I just want to be left alone entirely and yes, I am deleting myspace account for personal reasons. My Christian life is being convicted more so than ever before and it is driving me to walk away from things that I once was a part of. So this girl better stop hounding me sooner or later. I will not answer to her text messages because I have this feeling about things right now. My trust issues have been misplaced once again with certain people…ALL OVER AGAIN! I need my space SERIOUSLY!

Good night It is late in my book and I want to get some sleep now. I am going to be saying good night now and come back later tomorrow. No plans this weekend except taking care of Bear tomorrow afternoon and evening.

Gossip & Rumors

It does not matter where you live or who your friends are when it comes to gossip and rumor because it will be heard no matter what goes on in your life. No big deal until it hurts you or someone you love dearly is when gossip and rumor hits you, right? Wrong! No matter who you are, someone is protective of one person or a couple of people due to special bonds with each and every person in your life. That is one reason why I do not participate in activities where I live much anymore because of the rumors and gossip that has been flying around and believe it or not, I have been a victim of gossip and rumors myself since day one I have lived where I am living today. The gossip and the rumors will never stop no matter if you are a victim or not. It is there and it is where it is going to stay. That is one GOOD reason why I have had a sheltered life in my own home lately and hanging around certain people. The negative people in my life have been omitted out of my life and I am not even ashamed of omitting negativity in my life, believe it or not. I know who my true friends are and those friends are friends who are concerned for my emotional health as well as my physical health. My world is with and without friends but the friends I do have are friends who have stuck with me throughout the duration of my needs of understanding and patience…where I have come a long way in life these days.