The Past Week and Today

I do have to admit that the past week has been one of those weeks, except for a couple of things, is one of those weeks i would love to forget about, but not the entire week has been a totally off week. I have had allergies and once again I would like to admit that I did have another slight UTI once again and that was yucky feeling all over again but at least I will say that I am free of the UTI right now and I have one more pill to take. Yesterday I found that I am all clear of any UTI bacteria. Thank goodness. With the death of a dear friend of mine this past Monday, September 22, I do have to say that it set me back a bit as well and going to the funeral this weekend was closure and the dreams I had all week of my friend are now gone so going to the funeral was worth while my time. I had to get away from my home for a while anyway. Now if I had my own place, with no one underneath me or in my case, I am on the third floor, and neighbors so close to home, would be even better. This apartment of mine is my home but the place, the building, does not feel homey anymore. I do not feel I belong here anymore. Staying close to home in my own place is better for me than associating with too many other people. This place had a strange hold of everyone … including me …. at some point, and I am constantly sick.

Last Thoughts of the Day

It is getting late and I should have been in bed an hour ago or so but I am still up. I am fine….just have been reading and did doze off in my recliner with Bing on my lap with me sleeping as well. Today’s appointment went well this afternoon and I am glad I went even though I did not want to go because of the rainy weather. Yes, we had rainy weather all day long and I hope tomorrow is not icky too. My muscles can not take the change of weather very well anymore. I hurt and ache so bad I can and will cry. I am a girl and I will cry. I will take some tylenol Arthritis tonight before retiring to bed. I did have a fairly good day and plans for tomorrow is in the works so I have to be up kind of early for company at 10:30 a.m. in the morning. Gotta get some sleep now. Good night!