“The Weakest Link – Maynard

Honestly I do not spend a lot of time watching the GSN on cable but tonight I did while snuggling with Bing and cuddling with him that I did not want to interrupt his “Mommy” need. As I watched the game show network I watched Lingo and The Weakest Link, and on tonight’s airing of The Weakest Link, I practically wanted to throttle a contestant by the name of Maynard! I did not want to strangle him because of his name but because of the way he talked and treated the female contestants. I thought Maynard was downright rude and downright cruel that I hoped he would have been voted off because he may have been the weakest link or the fact that the other contestants thought of him as a jerk — exactly like I thought, too! Maynard was el’ creepo, one heck of a jerk! MEN! Unfortunately…Maynard won the game and I am so happy that he is going to take his money and splurge. To me he does not deserve that money. Maynard was a jerk and I wish that he never won the show! If Ann Johnson, if I remember her name correctly, was the host of the game show, I know that Maynard would not have survived her wrath! GET A LIFE MAYNARD! You are one big jerk who I believe thinks your God or something. You are not at all perfect or all that interesting. You are one heck of a jerk. If you were on American Idol, I believe that Simon Cowell’s word, “unforgettable” is the right word for you. You are definitely unforgettable!!

My Easter Sunday Plans….After All

I was planning, seriously, on staying home and taking it easy all day and be with my Little Man of my life and snuggle up with him, but plans were changed as of yesterday afternoon, when friends called and invited me to have Easter with them. So I had Easter with some friends and had a great time but by 7 p[.m., I was ready to go home and be with my Little Man of my life and snuggle up with him. I was good to my word for Bing and I was home by 8 p.m. and we did snuggle and cuddle. As a mater of fact, Bing literally clung onto me as he laid on my stomach and had his head underneath my chin and slept for a half an hour as I held him. He purred up a storm for ten minutes of those thirty minutes of our cuddling time. He was one happy cat.