Looking Forward to Getting a New Desk …

No more big desk for me! The one that I have right now is just way too big. It is a “catch all” and so here I am today taking the stuff off my desk for the most part off, and everything on that desk is in different parts of my livingroom right now making it look a messy — time for spring cleaning. A friend of mine, who I consider part of my family, is going to buy the desk I have right now. I am excited about getting a new desk but from where is the question at the moment. We shall see. Will I miss this desk? No, because it will be with my friend who bought it from me and four years ago, I bought it from him, lol, so it is staying inside the family so to speak. Good place for it. Tomorrow, being the 3rd of March, I believe that we will be getting together tomorrow to check some desks out. Woo Hoo!

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