A Quickie

In about 24 hrs from now I will be finished with college altogether – no more classes left – will be getting my degree/diploma from college in a couple of months. I am so excited. I have been thinking about it all day long and being done with college right now is awesome. Yes, I might be bored and wondering what I am going to do with my free time that is not looking for work or busy with my DVR counselor and a company called Community Solutions in helping me find a job in the field of accounting. Anyway, I can do what I have been doing during my school breaks and that is reading, writing, and journaling. I am excited about school being over in about 24 hrs. I can be done with college altogether right now if I choose it but I have a couple of things yet to hand in to the facilitator of the class and it is not anymore homework, woo hoo, exciting!

Another Late Night — But Okay

I am tired but my hip is kind of achy a bit — that nagging ache that drives me crazy and I am about ready to scream my head off. No big deal though. I have survived worse than my hip being bruised a bit from falling out of bed. Anyway, I am starting to drift off to sleep while sitting here at it is 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning and I am going to attend church this morning for the first time in weeks. With school now being two days away from being completely finished, I do have to admit that now I can concentrate on some very serious writing for the next two weeks after Monday is over with and school is done — woo hoo! Seriously, I am excited! Because of the lateness of the hour, I am going to go to bed. Good night and I will be back later today after class. Bye for now everyone!