I Had to Do It …. Finally

With one of my issues being trust, I finally had to take and evaluate a friendship today, just a while ago, and say that this friendship was not worth keeping after receiving an yahoo messenger message telling me that this so-called friend was very hurt because of the fact that I did not attend a Christmas Party scheduled on January 4, and I did not attend this girl’s 30th birthday party later in January on the 19th but I did attend another friend’s Stamping Party on the 20th, the day after the scheduled birthday party I decided not to attend. I explained to the girl why I did not attend her birthday party of the Christmas Party several days before, and she just thought I was making lousy excuses and that I was just making excuses. Then I realized that this very person could care less what my reasons were and get all upset over me not attending her 30th birthday party. Excuse or not in my mind I thought, ok, why bother with this girl anymore, a girl who continues to bring up stuff that has already happened and not letting it go. I decided, seriously, because of my problematic trust issue, to delete this very person from Yahoo 360, my myspace friends’ list, and my Yahoo Messenger list. She is such a drama queen and I do not need drama queen friends anymore. I have two people in GC I can trust with my innermost feelings and thoughts now and that will be the only two people for good now. This one girl is deleted from my friends list now. Goodbye and good riddens to the drama queen of GC.


Today turned out to be something of a little unexpected. I had waited for my ride downstairs to go to church but she and her husband did not show up. Found out around 9:20 a.m. this morning that they were having a bad day and I was not going to be picked up. All power to me as I had more time for myself and my cat Bing Crosby so I was not disappointed for too long. I did think at first that my expecting ride could have called and said that they were not going to pick me up but it didn’t happen, so my day had a little bit of unexpected instance. Had more me time has been the big plus for me so I got out of my church clothes and got into freshly laundered pajamas and made it another pajama day for myself, cuddled with Bing Crosby, got online a bit, read a few chapters of Blue Dahlia, and watched a couple of recorded programs on my DVR system, and decided to watch some Murder, She Wrote episodes as for Super Bowl Sunday happens to be MSW marathon day. I even want to class a bit too, but it has been me time all day long.