What a Way to End the Year 2007

Well, what can I say. The past two weeks have been a living nightmare for me because I am still having nightmares about what happened to me on December 21, 2007, and what happened to me then ruined my Christmas along with the New Year. Yes, I am still hurting and still very angry, and not sure if I can exit my own apartment to leave the building yet. This girl, a person who I thought was a friend and would never attack me ever again after last year’s altercation, is no longer a friend and is no longer going to be in my life even if I have to walk away from a few friends who she is now friends with … the girl has really put my name and my reputation on the line in the past two weeks and my dad is not very happy about what happened, either. I have pictures, cell phone text messages from her cell phone to mine, two messages on my answering machine, one that is not very nice at all and then on Christmas Day a message that she wishes me a Merry Christmas using someone else’s telephone when she was NOT to have no contact with me … the police said no contact, her father told her to leave me alone, the management told her to leave me alone, and I am at the end of my rope because she is not listening to no one. She won’t even listen to me.

Tonight we are having a New Year’s Eve Party from 9 p.m. t0 1 a.m. and I will not be going to it because of the fact that this so-called friend is going to be there and I do not want anything to do with this person ever again. I am not even going to go to a Christmas party on January 4 because this girl is going to be there. She can not be in my space right now because I am afraid of her attacking me again. How pitiful is that? Very pitiful if you ask me.

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