All Eyes on Me!

ABC (Adult Bible Class) was just about to start and my friend JS called me to let me know that she had gotten up and had a headache. I then told her to see what could do about getting a ride to church and give me a call back. As I was about to hang up with her, eyes of other church members in the room were looking at me and I looked at the head person who began the class and I saw that they were waiting patiently for me to get off the phone. At that moment I felt like I got scolded and told Jennie to call me back later and that I had to go, and then I hung up the phone real quick. I smiled and chuckled because eyes were on me and here I was holding up the class from starting … oops! Shame on me! I was rude … very rude! Shame on me, lol. That won’t happen again.