Studying the Bible Again …

I did not get to church this morning but I do have to admit that I opened up the Word of God today and did some studying of the Bible. I have a new Life Application Study Bible and I really enjoy it. It is easy to read, understand, and get something out of it. Suffering from anxiety and depression is one thing I wish not to have anymore and the only way I can get away from those two ugly demons is to exercise my faith and Christianity everyday and remember that I am only one person who is not alone in the world who believes that her world is in a mixed array of emotions. God is here to protect me and I am going to ask Him to be in my life everyday. Ever since I have been studying the Bible, I do have to admit that my world in anxiety and depression has been more open and more comfortable as if a very heavy cloud has begun to lift off my shoulders. I am so sick and tired of having my emotions run rampart and away from me to the point I cannot control them. I know I am not alone.

Biscuits and Gravy for Breakfast

Boy oh boy, do I ever love biscuits and gravy! Well, this morning at our building, a tenant made biscuits and gravy for the entire building who wanted some for breakfast this morning, and the meal was delicious! I know if I had biscuits and gravy everyday, I would eventually get sick of it, but I do not get enough of it already so this morning breakfast was a big and yummy for my tummy treat. The tenant, who made breakfast for all the tenants today did not have to do this, but she chose to and that was so sweet of her.