Not Covering Her Butt Anymore!!!

As of today, after reading my friend’s blog entry at yahoo 360, I am NOT going to be covering her butt anymore. I care deeply about my friend so much that if she is going to be stupid in having a relationship with a 16 year old and she is 23, I know exactly where her butt will be going if she does not stop her stupid acting ways. Doesn’t my friend know that, even after she is off probation at the end of the month, and she does have her 16 year old so-called friend over, the opposite sex I mind you, she could be back arrested and having to go through the court system all over again and back on probation? Apparently not! I am NOT going to be covering my friend’s butt. She has turned out to be a liar and a person with a big attitude problem lately, and she does not get the fact that if you do something illegal or criminally wrong, there are consequences that can be severe and yet dangerous for her and others involved. I love her so much but my friend has gotten me so angry and tired, and words that come out of her mouth about some things are not believed anymore by me. What can I do? Does my friend have to be caught in the act of having a relationship before the authorities get involved or can the authorities nab her for even being in love with a 16 year old and he also supposedly loves her?