Anticipation is STILL GROWING inside of me about this Eye Appointment

I have yet to go to my appoinment and I have an hour and a half before I go. I was up late last night and since I was up late, I thought writing in my journal here would have helped calm some of the anticipation I have been dealing with in regards to this doctor’s appointment I do have. Has it helped? Kind of and sort of. I cannot say it helped entirely because that is all that I thought of all night long and had dreams I can not even explain this afternoon. Honestly, I just feel the anticipation growing inside me that even time has grown on its slowest speed possible driving me to no end in regard to the day I am playing now. I personally wish it would just go away and never come back but at least the anticipation is a good feeling this time around.

Doctor’s Appointment … Excitement in the Air?

Today is one heck of a day for me. Remembering the eye surgery I had last month on June 7th is still on my mind as if it did yesterday. My eyes have been straight for over a month now and today I will be seeing the doctor after a month since the surgery, and there is excitement in the air. Can you believe that there is excitement in the air for me in regard to a doctor’s appoinment in Madison, Wisconsin because of my eyes? I can’t believe it … even to this day I am still in awe with the fact that I can see straight ahead with both eyes instead of looking in two different directions, lol. The fact that I can look straight ahead now has really been an item in my life for a while now and I am still in awe with that fact. The idea of seeing things differently now such as reading from left to right without my eyes going in two different directions, no switch mode anymore, I have not seen double ever and I still do not see double today, and the fact that I think that both eyes work together now is really impressive.

When I get back from my appointment this afternoon, I will write about it then.