Prayers Needed Here

I found out earlier today that the neighbor who happens to be a friend to the neighbor who lives below me does not want to be enemies with me or my friend JS, and I can fully understand that as I too do not want any enemies here, but for some reason I do not feel very comfortable with her friend who lives below me. I do not trust him and I will be very careful with trusting people from now on when it comes to the point like the situation I had dealt with for the past two weeks. I have been falsely accused of making noise when I haven’t made the particular noise my downstairs neighbor has alleged to the manager of the building. My neighbor downstairs right now is not home so I am having a weekend of relief from him and his antics and childish games and so right now things seem to be calm. Anyway, TM is having a tenant meeting with all the tenants who care to attend at 6 p.m. Monday evening and I have a very funny feeling about the results of the problems that are going to raised such as the noise after 10 p.m. that is excessive, the rumors that are spreading about tenants and myself, and other important things that have happened that the new management has been noticing. Another thing that gives me a flag of caution is how my downstairs neighbor is going to react to a lot of stuff that is on the agenda for the tenant meeting. I am feeling a little unsure of attending myself for some reason but I know that attending the meeting with my head held high and my emotions in check would be a good idea for me and the tenants that will also be there. This weekend has a lot of unsureties right now and I am asking for personal prayer about the situation I had spoken of in previous posts this month, and for prayer also that there can be a happy medium between several of the tenants.

A Moment to Vent Please …

Last night around 11 p.m. my next door neighbor’s alarm system was going off and I had responded thinking that I would find my neighbor on the floor after a fall but when I got there and knocking and entering, I had saw that my next door neighbor was wheeling herself out of her bedroom to check the emergency pull cord system because she realized that her black cat had played with the cord and pulled it. I felt furious and angry of the fact that her cat played with the pull cord making the alarm sound in the hallway because I was seriously thinking that my neighbor had fallen in the bathroom again like she did a few weeks ago. Stupid cat! My neighbor has a wild, not so friendly cat who loves to bite people, and I also believe that my neighbor does not deserve the cat because she herself does not take care of it. She has people coming in and taking care of her as far as making sure she takes the right medications and cleans her apartment, and they are the very ones who take care of the cat. Honestly, I think it is also wrong to keep hearing my neighbor yelling at her cat. That cat does not mind and he also is not very friendly. I do not know what to think. Where would we report the fact that someone is not taking care of their animal properly? I have had one cat for 16 1/2 years and she was well taken care of, and now I have Bing Crosby who is two years old and a very good cat who minds and yet has his very rebellious kitty days too, but he minds and gets disciplined for doing wrong.

DANG! Sleep Has Not Come YET!

It is midnight now and I am still not sleepy, but I am tired. What in the world wound me up other than my emotions that have plagued me for the past two weeks because of the crap and baloney the neighbor down below me has pulled. Do I have to take another Tylenol PM in order to fall asleep? DANG! Sleep has not come YET!