A Wish … One Fine Wish!

For many years, even today, I wish for a lot of things that are silly, reasonable, and honest. I have always wanted to meet Marlo Thomas and her father Danny Thoman but Danny Thomas is gone now and has been since 1991. I have been a little girl when the reruns of That Girl was airing on television but I would watch the show every week it aired. Marlo Thomas, an actress and a gal who has taken over her father’s position at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital has been considered one good person who believes in people and herself, a good role model for the younger generation of her family and those people in the world.

Here I am, a young woman, soon to be 37 years old wants to meet Marlo Thomas! How silly is that? I have always wanted to meet Kate Jackson for a long time as well but I do not think it is ever going to happen so I have fine wishes, don’t I?

12:30 p.m. – Feeling Emotional

I can not quite explain why I am feeling emotional today but I have some possibilities as to why I am feeling emotional today. I just want to run and hide right now and get away from this apartment building I live in for a while but I have nowhere else to go really to get away from this place for good. The neighbor downstairs below me has been causing some rift around here for the past few days and I have been one of the people he has been complaining about when I have not done anything different from the minute he moved in about five months ago. My downstairs neighbor is just being a big jerk once again. I have so much in my life to look forward to these days that the slightest disappointment or upset can put a damper on everything fun and exciting. I am just an emotional mess today and I cannot quite pinpoint the reason why because all the reasons, which I have not told, could be all correct reasons why I am such an emotional mess today.

Even though I am an emotional mess today, I do have to admit that I did have a little bit of happiness this afternoon when I saw a former bus driver dropping off Meals on Wheels to a neighbor two doors down. JC (Jimbo) is a nice man and I really enjoy seeing him when I do because I see his brother, another JC (John)of course, lol, every week working as the milk man of our city, Condon Dairy. It was such a joy to see JC today – a real great joy!