Back In The Swing of Things Here

I am feeling that I am back in the swing of things here but I feel that I am pulling tooth and nail to get here from time to time because I have not been here for so long — even though it has not been that terribly long. I have been gone over a month. The reason for being gone has nothing to do with my friends at Dear Diary or other readers who are wanting to read my entries here. Let’s put it this way … I have been out of sorts for awhile working hard in school. My last class, Advanced Financial Accounting class was very difficult and time consuming as well as an emotional class. The instructor for the class was horrible and not pleasant to work with at all. She made me feel that she was very picky about everything that was said or done in the class in regards to participation and discussion questions. In fact, I was embarassed the entirety of the class because I did what I could and I still passed the class — but barely — a D-! I hope to never see this instructor ever again in my future classes because I will not take the class if she is teaching it — she did not teach the class at all! She made no sense whatsoever. She was horrible!