A Quickie

I know I have not been here for a long time but I do have to admit that I have been very busy with school and my personal life that coming to Dear Diary has been far from my mind for a while. I will be returning back to Dear Diary on June 1, 2007. Please forgive me for being a stranger once again.

A quickie

I am up pulling a late night once again, but it has been a while since I have been here due to a severe headache and pulled muscle in my neck. Today of all days I am beginning to feel human again as the stiff neck has kept me up at night until Wednesday night. I do not understand why I am pulling a late night tonight — at 2:30ish, but that will be ok I guess because I will be going to be in a few minutes. The past five weeks have been very difficult for me emotionally, physically, and mentally. I have never had so much difficulty with one person in my life but I guess I am still moving onward despite the negativity I have experienced in the past five weeks due to one person, my class instructor who I think is unfair and very nit picky.