Morning Entry

Ksmiley’s Morning Entry

Today is one of those days I do not know what is going to happen just yet and I have a feeling that this morning’s “tenant meeting” is not going to be all pretty. The “Tenant Meetings” always seem to turn into bitching sesssions at the end and then they never seem to end. With all the crap that has been going on here at TM has been nothing but raw emotion after another, and that is just not a good thing. I usually do not use words like the words I have used here unless my emotions have been played with by the wrong people and there has been raw emotion in my life as well as other tenants around here. My thinking is why can’t people just get along like one big happy family but my thinking is only a dream that will never come true in this day and age. Honestly, TM has become an unpleasant place to live in and I can not move because I would not have a place to go so here I am, flaws and all, sticking to this unpleassant place to the very end. I am going to take Kaliko88’s advice and stay away from people for a while — after the tenant meeting that is.

How Much More Can I take???

Ok, here it goes … there has been a lot of things going on around me that a lot of tears have been shed and emotions have been going in every direction. I surely do not know how much more I can take of all the drama that has been at our building where I live anymore because, of course, I am a part of the drama according to the onsite manager that has been let go of her position a couple of weeks ago. I am one person who likes to stay neutral in things and not having the feeling of taking sides or siding with one or the other. I did not sign a petition that went around the building and because I did not sign it, the onsite manager who has been let go of her position had gotten all upset and is now making me feel that I have been black balled and power play is going on. Even the neighbor below me has been nasty and mean to me and has caused some rift between us to the point that it will never be the same between us anymore. All the drama that has been going on around our buildiong has caused many tears to be shed, anger to play its mightiness that is still playing all around me. Even fear, unfortunately, has been playing its nasty game with me. I have not slept very well for the past few days and finally sleep has caught up with me last night. Even having a bad cold, which is not mostly gone now, has given me its nasty play as well. I do not know how much more I can take anymore!!!!!