A Special Day Today – A Very Special Day

19 Years Today

It has been one fine day…before 12 midnight, I thought I would write that today was a very special day for me…a day of celebration. It was nineteen years ago today that I had my kidney transplant … a day that opened a new life … a day that almost wasn’t there for me.

I have absolutely no idea if I am crazy or not, lol, for celebrating such a fine day as today when something occurred nineteen years ago and I am still making such a big deal about it. Ever since my kidney transplant and having a new lease on life – what seems to be an actual lease because of the fact that one day my transplanted kidney will wear out … hopefully when I am no longer here physically – in hopes that my transplanted kidney outlives me in life. I feel I have had my life extended and time is too short to worry about much of anything now.

Ever since my kidney transplant I do have to admit that I take birthday celebrations, holidays, and anniversaries very seriously…and it just has not declined in celebrations…in this life and time. My world, as strange as it may be sometimes, is definitely a brighter one because I have so much going on right now that will and should better it physically, emotionally, and hopefully mentally…