Good Night

Saying Good Night

I did have a fairly good day and now will be closing up shop shortly. JS and I are going to watch Degrassi. I really like Degrassi a lot even though I am older than teenage years. I remember when Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High was on television in the 80s! As for bedtime, I am not sure what time I will be going to bed tonight yet, but I do know it will be before midnight like I have been in the past three to four nights now. I have been sleeping well and yet waking up to Bing’s noises from time to time.

JS and I are watching a movie on Lifetime titled “The Only Witness” and it is very good. Before that, we watched a movie with Lindsay Wagner in it about her daughter being a prostitute.

My Sunday


I feel lazy today for some reason…but still a little energetic to some degree. I can not explain it but I am tired early and will retire to bed early. It has been one of those days of watching television movies, doing homework, and just relaxing. I guess this cold is getting to me more than I really want right now … oh well. Such as life and I have NOT been going out in the cold weather, that’s for sure.

Bears or Colts?

Do I want the Bears to win? Or the Colts? I am not much of a football fan so I do not care tonight. I just wish the teams good luck at doing their best. I was a Bears fan years ago but not anymore. I think I went towards Green Bay Packers today!

Time With JS

JS has been here since 3 p.m. or so but I do not know for sure exactly what time she got here really. I was not paying attention to the time really. Oh well. Anyway, she has been here since this afternoon and we have been online or playing games on the computers. It is kind of hard for me to send email out wirelessly, but that’s ok, since I do have my main desktop still, whew! Anyway, JS’s presence has been wonderful.