Feb 252007

What can I really say about this weekend? IT WAS one lazy one for me to some extent for reasons that we are having not the best weather outdoors right now. Honestly, I thought that the winter weather had gone away but this weekend surely proved so differently with a snowstorm Friday and Saturday, leaving church to be cancelled this morning when it reality, I believe it did not need to be, but I guess the roads and streets may have been not good to drive on. The weather was not pleasant last night – it even thundered and lightning cracked in the distance away from here.

MEE Visited Today

My friend MEE dropped by for a while today picking up water jugs to bring water from the country later on in the week. Mark did not stay long as usual but his presence was very welcome and a joy.

JS’s New Look

JS had rearranged her living room yesterday and I promised her last night I would go see the new look and it does look very nice!

Feb 242007

Still Here?

This weekend, starting last night, we have snow and it is still snowing in Wisconsin. Church for tomorrow has been cancelled for tomorrow which is a bummer because I was planning on going no matter what kind of weather proved it to be outdoors but our head pastor called tonight and said that church services have been cancelled. It is ok to some degree but I personally wish church was happening tomorow. Winter is still here! WOW!