Nov 232006

Emilee Marie Cuddles Karnopp has been gone / has passed away since Tuesday, November 14, 2006, and she was loved very much. I have fond memories of her as she was with me for 16 1/2 years before she passed away. I had her since she was two months old – a very sickly little kitten for the first month of her life, but I did not give up on her then, and did not want her to miss on her life as many years she could live. When I took Emilee to the vet for the very first time – three days after bringing her home from the animal shelter – I saw potential in Emilee and planned to spend many years with her – which I did not expect 16 1/2 years out of her, though. Emilee’s life expectancy was a surprise to me and to family members who knew I had her and loved her dearly.

Talking about Emilee Marie Cuddles is not hard for me at all. Looking at pictures of my first “daughter” does not bother me, either. I still have sorrow over the loss of Emilee but I do know that God/Jesus was with me the day I put Emilee down to rest, after being sick for a few days, and Jesus is still with me. I know that Jesus is watching over me and has Emilee is his heart because of the fact that Jesus knows I really loved Emilee Marie Cuddles very much.

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