Living A Soap Opera Life … Ms. Drama Queen …

I had received a letter from my so-called friend MW/MC yesterday and believe me…I would not have opened up the letter if I had a return address but the return address was not on there! I had read only a few words of a two page letter and ripped it up without giving it a second thought. My so-called friend had told me that she had a lot of things to deal with in her life and I just felt uncomfortable immediately. I feel that my friend is living a soap opera life of love, hate, deceit. betrayal, and other problems. I have watced two weeks of One Life to Live and Days of Our Lives to see and feel the “crap” that has been going on there. I feel betrayed and hurt by MW/MC not because of he fact that she hurt my best friend RC but the fact that she hurt me in the process. Her actions to fight for RC to pay for her doctor bills, her attorney bills (she had filed for divorce to RC), and wants her car back has got me questioning MW/MC stability and commitments in the emotional department and I personally cannot get involved anymore as she has done this before. If she has had so many problems in her life that has driven her to fear and negativity, then why doesn’t she go to a counselor to work things out? What she does is not my problem but her action to call me and write a letter in place of a phone call, has gotten me a lot mad!

School Update

I did pass my last class, Corporate Finance 320, with a C+. The class itself was difficult but worth the learning exp;erience. Am I ok with it? Yes, I am ok with it because of the difficulty of the class and the emotional and physical pain or troubles I went through. I know it is late, but lately I have been staying up late giving myself time away from school.

Now, as of August 8th, I am in a classing titled Acc330 – Accounting for Decision-Making… So far so good.